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Our Story....   Cassarino ~  A Name you can trust

We are comprised of LOVE ~ Quantum Physics taught us we are energy. Energy is love, and love is what the universe consist of. Each person is part of a continuum and every soul is connected. Cassarino Studios is about LOVE ~ Your love and our love of preserving "your" love!

At Cassarino Studios, we follow the philosophy of our founder Joseph V Cassarino president emeritus. We follow the standards and principals he instilled over thirty years ago. We connect to and share our love with all we meet. We tap into the higher energy of the collective and we obtain exponential energy. We utilize that energy and love to create. Cassarino Studios creates beautiful loving memories to preserve your special moment in time. Cassarino Studios is in the business of uplifting others, in capturing love and special moments in time. We are more than merely photographers, we are storytellers, exceptional documentarist and we are skilled graphic designers!

Following the principals our founder taught, the highly trained and experienced photographers and cinematographers of Cassarino Studios put their heart, soul, energy and love into each wedding! The bride and groom, bridal party, family members and guests, become the most important people of the day period!   

please visit cassarino studios beautiful showroom and come see why more brides and grooms have consistently selected cassarino studios over other photography studios since 1979

Every employee of Cassarino Studios loves what they do and this is the exact reason the management team of Cassarino Studios hires only the most passionate artist. Each employee of Cassarino Studios is impassioned, dedicated, excited and eager to please. Perfection is our goal. Satisfaction is our reward. Reputation is our difference. It is no wonder Cassarino Studios has become the most in demand wedding photography studio, proudly servicing the New York, Tri-State region for 37 years. 

At Cassarino Studios, we employ many young, energetic and vibrant photographers and videographers. However, in addition to youth and energy, we have the added gift of experience! The original owners, Joseph Cassarino the first owner, and George Petty who became partner ten years later, continue to consult pro bono. The experience, wisdom and passion our founders add is unequaled in the wedding photography field. Joe and George were legends in the photo industry and they built the most respected and trusted name in the history of wedding photography. On top of that, many of the same photographers Joseph Cassarino trained over twenty and thirty years ago when they were in their teens, are still employed for Cassarino Studios. You can ask anyone about Joe and George and Cassarino Studios legacy. Cassarino Studios also pioneered the concept of including images (negatives at that time) with each package in the late 1980's while all other studios resisted. Joseph was of the belief clients should posess the images and Cassarino Studios was the first studio ever to include the images. Eventually, all photo studios in America followed Cassarino Studios policy and included the images with each package. 

Cassarino Studios pricing is budget friendly and affordable. digital Photography, and Video pricing begins at $2,195 per package. Cassarino Studios offers digital and bridal album packages to accommodate all price points. cassarino studios is happy to customize packages to suit your specific requirements. Please visit our price page for greater details and specials or arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

Cassarino Studios also partnered with Joseph Benedetto of Marina Del Rey fame in the 1990's and owned a very successful photo studio inside the impeccable Marina Del Rey Caterer that satisfactily serviced hundreds of brides each year. The standards were high and the clientele demanding. However, Cassarino Studios earned their reputation by pleasing each and every bride and groom. Jo Jo as many called Joseph Benedetto, along with the impeccable banquet managers, Joe Savino and Joe (Joey) Orzo, along with deceased owner, Sal Randazzo, of Marina Del Ray, remain in the heart of Cassarino Studio and always will. Marina Del Rey proudly recommends Cassarino Studios to their elite clientele and Cassarino Studios is in tremendous gratitude for the respect, friendship and bond we maintain with Jo Jo, Joe and Joey.

Nick Leone, the deceased, former owner of Jericho Terrace is another icon who remains in the heart and soul of Cassarino Studios. The Jericho Terrace Caterer was the first to recommend Cassarino Studios in the late 1980's after Nick Leone heard about Cassarino's tremendous reputation for artistry. That same year, Anthony Scotto of Scotto Hospitality Group gave Cassarino Studios the biggest boost ever by adding Cassarino Studios to his honored vendor list of wedding professionals in all of his newly refurbished, landmark catering establishments. Anthony Scotto is alive and young, and still operating several of the most opulent catering facilities on Long Island, including, the most sought after North Shore steak houses the world has "ever seen"!


Insignia Prime Steak 

Blackstone Steakhouse  /

Cassarino Studios can honestly claim, we never, ever would have become the success we have become, without the kindness of our very dear friends in the catering and hospitality industry. Friendships were generated, respect commanded and love formed. Even in death, our love for our friends continues, being they live infinitely in our hearts and through the thousands of photographs we have taken in their exquisite facilities, and where their energy is transferred via the photographs.

Another person, energy and force of nature who lives in Cassarino Studios heart, is the retired, Ric Mango of Ric Mango Orchestra's. Rick, formally of Jay and The Americans, created the most amazing wedding band on Long Island during the 80's and 90's. Whenever there was an opulent and high end wedding on Long Island, you could rest assured, Ric Mango Orchestra's was playing. Cassarino Studios paired extremely well on these high end weddings, and both Cassarino Studios and Ric Mango Orchestra's, loved nothing more than pleasing our most distinguished guests.

Rome, Barcelona, St. Thomas, China, Ireland, India, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Greece, Dubai, Hawaii, Israel..... No matter what location, or what denomination, Cassarino Studios has the knowledge, experience, dedication, enthusiasm, skill and energy to accommodate the most demanding clientele anywhere in the world. 

Cassarino Studios will comprise the finest, talented and experienced artist to provide you with breathtaking photography and cinematography certain to excite all who view. Thank you for exchanging your energy and time with Cassarino Studios.     

     Tuesday - Thursday  11am - 8pm   

  Saturday 11am - 4pm 

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